Mar 18, 2009
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The Battle of the Bulge – Boy Against Briefs

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I just couldn’t resist that post title, sorry if you were looking for a history lesson on World War II. :)

The real battle here is that I just can’t get enough of looking at this pic… I’m dying to know what that thing looks like unwrapped… oh… the curiosity kills! I don’t know which is nicer, the hot body or the hot bulge. The gay in me likes the body, but the bottom in me wants that bulge hehe



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Comments to The Battle of the Bulge – Boy Against Briefs

  • poking our wonderful ..! adoreii ..!!! nildols.

    nildols 2010/10/28 11:59 am Reply
  • This is sooo hot. The best of both worlds, hot in briefs.

    Noclothes 2010/10/23 7:12 pm Reply
  • Yup Yup gotta agree with you man!!!! LOL Hot bod and bulge =-P

    HotinAZ 2010/07/26 7:10 am Reply

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