Aug 17, 2008
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New Page Added For FleshJack and Fleshlight Info

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Ok, so I just added a new blog page dedicated to just the FleshJack / Fleshlight sex toy. I know I know… it’s basically an advertisement for it but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE Fleshjack / Fleshlight fan… seriously! :) I am all about these things. I have a boyfriend but I tell you what… this thing comes in handy on lonely nights (or mornings) when I’m all alone. I bought my own Fleshlight about 1 year and a half ago and it is by far the best toy I’ve ever used (not that I’ve used that many *blush*). Me and the BF haven’t got around to using it together yet, but he’s mentioned it, so we probably will soon.

I posted the new page at

Check it out… here’s a preview… even if you don’t buy one, their promo vides are pretty hot!:

Fleshlight Sex Toy You can also just head directly to
FleshJack and Build Your Own

Trust me… you won’t regret it. Sometimes just jacking off doesn’t satisfy you enough :)

View the FleshJack and Fleshlight Info Page >>


Fleshjack Sex Toy

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