Nov 17, 2012
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Ian Levine Contemplates While Choking His Chicken

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Sexy blonde Ian Levine is looking out over the city while pondering something.  Is it the meaning of life?  Is it how he would have laid out the city differently?  Is it where the other sock goes when the dryer eats it?  Whatever he started thinking about, his naughty mind obviously turns to something much hotter because he proceeds to strip down to his tighty whities and starts stroking his beautiful cock.  When he’s done, he flashes those gorgeous to the camera and gives a knowing smile as if to say, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!”

Check out the preview pics and trailer below.  If you just want to get right to the full video, head on over to Helix 8Teenboy!

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  • I love Ian Levine

    Werner 2017/02/09 7:51 am Reply

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