Apr 11, 2016
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Straight Boy Blaze from Texas Does a Solo Shoot

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The latest from Bentleyrace. This is Blaze from Texas. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this set. Also, do you like the thumbnail gallery format or the full-size images I usually do?

This is the story of this shoot from Ben at Bentleyrace.

It’s always on the last day in a city that I get to meet and shoot with beautiful guys. At least that’s the way it seems to happen. With just a couple of hours before I flew home from Texas I met up with this really cute straight guy by the name of Blaze. I saw him drive in to the hotel car park in his truck and thought he looked pretty cute as he changed his shirt between the parked cars. I got to do a lot of shots and some video with him during that couple of hours. It was time well spent. It always surprises me how comfortable straight guys are getting their gear off and jerking off while I film them. 22 year old Blaze was completely laid back as I suggested different poses and angles. Here he is getting wet in the in a pair of skimpy speedos and then getting completely naked. I remember commenting about how dark and thick his pubic bush was. He thought it was a pretty funny thing to say to another guy. Blaze is a really nice guy and I hope our paths will cross again sometime.






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