Nov 4, 2009
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Nerd Boy Jackson Price And His 8inch Monster

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Jackson Price at shows us his 8” tool. He’s got a big dick and a big hole if you ask me lol  He slides those 2 fingers right up his butt just a little too easy if you ask me! But I guess with a dick like that, he’s probably always forced into being the bottom unless he manages to run across a hot little power bottom who can take that rod.

He’s a bit nerdy but I’d still slide down on that sucker for a ride! :)

More pictures and a video clip after the jump link below. For the full set, visit

image01 image02 image03 image04 image05 image06

image07 image08 image09 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15 image16

Check out for more.


You Love Jack Boys

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