Jun 19, 2010
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Styx, A Hot Marine Finally Crosses the Line and Gets Plowed

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This 21-year old straight marine goes from doing a solo, to having his dick sucked to this scene over the course of a weekend! In this scene, which is exclusive for members of Active Duty, Styx not only sucks his first cock, but he takes things one step further and bends that beautiful ass over, throws it in the air and gives it up to hottie Austin.

Things kick off with Austin already horny as and sporting wood (which he keeps playing with) in his jeans. It’s clear he’s up for what’s about to happen and so much so that you can sense how anxious he is. Austin engages Styx in conversation and you can begin to see the tough guy melt just a little to expose the sweetheart lying beneath. Austin guides Styx right through from nervous chit chat to a first hot kiss as Austin points out how good Styx smells. Austin offers Styx some help getting hard and Styx accepts the offer. Austin goes right down on that cock and it takes about thirty seconds for him to work it up. You can tell Austin is in hog heaven with such a hot, straight fine piece of meat at his disposal. He finally convinces Styx to go down on his hard cock and give it a taste and once Styx does, it’s all smooth sailing from there.

The next thing we hear is Austin asking Styx if he’s ever had another man lick his butt hole and before you can say bend over, Styx is up on his knees with his ass in the air and Austin licking his nice hole. Austin takes his time and enjoys that sweet ass while Styx enjoys the attention. Styx really starts getting into it and giving Austin commands and telling him to lick his asshole deeper. Austin takes great care going between the asshole and the hard cock that Styx is sporting. Austin says to Styx, "I can tell by how hard your cock is that you love it" and Styx grunts, "Hell yeah." Austin discovers that Styx loves being spanked and so he spanks that ass while he eats it. Styx’ hole is spread open and all lubed up now with Austin’s spit. You can tell that by now Styx could hardly resist taking a cock up that nicely teased and primed hole. Austin moves in and rubs his hard cock all over Styx’s hot hole, teasing it even more as it opens up and invites Austin’s cock in for some hot fun. And from there, Austin does indeed fuck that sweet hole and Styx discovers something he likes enough to make him cum twice in the same scene.

Like Styx? Check out the War Chest over at ActiveDuty.com to see his solo, and visit Amateur Straight Guys to see him get sucked off by Joe from My Straight Buddy.


Styx-Austin001 Styx-Austin009 Styx-Austin023 Styx-Austin033 Styx-Austin057 Styx-Austin077 Styx-Austin092 Styx-Austin098 Styx-Austin110 Styx-Austin116 Styx-Austin135 Styx-Austin143 Styx-Austin162 Styx-Austin181

See more over at ActiveDuty.com.


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8 years ago

Wow, the tattooed guy finished off the marine with his hand. Lovely gesture and much more of a turn on than the usual self-jerk.

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