Jan 7, 2007
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My Fleshjack Update

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(Quick side note: the Fleshlight is also now called Fleshjack when marketed to gay guys)

So a lot of you have taken my advice and bought a Fleshjack for yourself. Like I said, I can say firsthand that these things are awesome. If anyone has some personal stories and feedback about their experience with their Fleshlight then I’d love to hear it. Just post a comment below and share with us.

Here’s an update on me and my Fleshjack:

For me, I originally bought the Fleshlight because I’m always into trying new toys and I love jacking off. When I have sex, I usually prefer being the bottom and getting fucked because I like getting off that way more. I don’t mind being a top, I mean… it’s all fun, but I honestly just have a hard time cumming when I’m the top. I think part of it is psychological and I just get nervous that I won’t be able to cum. Unless I jack off after fucking some boy’s ass then I just can’t usually get off. I come close when I’m fucking but just have a hard time cumming unless I jack off to finish. Well I had heard stories about these Fleshlights being useful for helping out with this sort of thing. People also use them to control their ejaculation and make it last longer. With the Fleshlight you can also train yourself to last longer by varying the stimulation and stopping and starting again etc. People (like me) have become so used to jacking off that they have a hard time cumming when someone else is doing it or when your dick is in someone’s ass :)

Well I bought the mocha butt Fleshlight with the wonder wave stimulation inside. From everything I had read this seemed to be the most popular. I got the thing out of the box and was instantly amazed at how soft and real it felt. I lubed up and slid my cock inside. I was like… whoa WTF… it was crazy how good it felt. I started sliding the Fleshlight up and down and tried a few different positions. I got on my knees on my bed and held it down with one hand and fucked it like I would if it was a nice ass. So, again, I have to say that I NEVER can get off unless I am jacking off with my own hand. Well without touching my own cock, this thing sent me spinning. After like less then a minute I came so hard and had such a powerful orgasm that I literally fell backwards on my bed and unloaded into my Fleshlight… I just filled it up. I didn’t pull out cause I wanted to feel what it would be like to unload inside it. I just sat there breathing heavy for a few seconds before pulling my cock out and letting the cum drizzle back out onto my hard dick.

The cleanup is nothing too… I just rinsed it under warm water and everything was nice and smooth and clean again. I toweled it off and let it air dry.

So seriously boys… you gotta try this thing out. I used to jack off a lot anyway before but now I seriously think about getting home just so I can shoot a load into my Fleshlight. It’s like the best purchase I’ve made in a long time :)

If you have a story of your own, please post it as a comment below and let people know how you use your Fleshlight.

Get your own Fleshjack here.


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