Feb 14, 2009
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Aussiebum Underwear No-Gay Stores – Policy or Just Rumor?

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So I was doing a little underwear shopping today for the big Valentine’s Day (everyone needs nice wrapping for their package, right?). Well I asked the store manager if they had any Aussiebum undies, and she gave me an answer that sort of disturbed me. She said, “Oh no, we aren’t allowed to carry Aussiebum, they don’t allow gay stores to carry their clothing.”  I was a bit startled… I replied, “are you kidding me??! Well then they need to change their marketing campaigns because they sure as shit want our money."

Aussiebum Underwear So, it got me thinking whether this was just some isolated incident with this particular store, who by-the-way happened to carry everything else, or whether this was in-fact an official Aussiebum no-gay retail policy? It seems like it actually could be true because it’s pretty well known that Aussiebum underwear is very hard to find in retail stores… at least the ones I frequent.

If anyone has the real scoop on this, please share! It absolutely annoys the shit out of me when anti-gay companies have pro-gay marketing campaigns… but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  xoxo


Comments to Aussiebum Underwear No-Gay Stores – Policy or Just Rumor?

  • I know for a fact that this is not correct. I know at least 2 gay shop in the real world where they carry Aussiebum and I know at least 1 online gay shop who sells them.

    Aussiebum is indeed selective with regards to the shops where distribute the brand, because they have a limited production capacity. In that sense they are making sure that they have geographic spread and they don’t deliver to just any shop.

    Geert 2009/07/17 3:13 am Reply
  • Well I’ve seen them in stores before. I have Aussiebum and I’ve never bought them online. So they do sell to retail.

    BoyBriefs 2009/06/06 1:29 pm Reply
  • aussieBum products are only available to purchase online so, I guess they won’t sell to straight stores either, at least not at wholesale prices… at least they don’t discriminate!

    Neil 2009/06/06 7:05 am Reply
  • I’ve been to Oxford St… awesome area and city! Well maybe the AussieBum policy just has to do with stores of a certain size or maybe just stores in the US… dunno… that’s just what the store manager/owner stated. Maybe she was just a bitter bitch lol ;)

    BoyBriefs 2009/03/04 11:29 pm Reply
  • That doesn’t seem right to me. AussieBum have always been marketed primarily
    at gay guys and the only guys i ever see wearing them are gay (except maybe the
    models). I only know of one retail store that stocks AussieBum underwear, and
    that is a gay store on Oxford St, Sydney (the home of Sydney Mardi Gras and
    possibly the gayest street in the world after Castro).

    Jared 2009/03/02 1:15 pm Reply

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