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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE Fleshjack / Fleshlight fan. I bought my own a few years ago and it is by far the best sex toy I’ve ever used. It’s fun using it solo or with your buddy or boyfriend.

First off, a lot of people wonder what’s the difference is between the two brands? In a word… nothing. Fleshjack is the version of the sex toy marketed towards gay men and the Fleshlight is the version marketed to straight men. The models used in their advertising are either men or women depending on the toy, but the actual device itself is virtually the same for each one.

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I can’t recommend enough that you get one of these masturbation toys. I’ve mentioned in previous posts on here that I’ve never had something make me cum so quick… I mean, like we’re talking fast, as fast as 30 seconds sometimes! It’s also a good toy for foreplay with a partner to get each other really worked up before moving on to the real thing.


Fleshjack Accessories & Other Toys:

There are several accessories that have come out recently that extend the use of your Fleshjack. You can get shower mounts, specialty lubes, dildos, vibrating bullet inserts, cock rings, the anal male g-spot toys, and more!

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You can also just build your own »

Plus you can also get toys and dildos in the exact shape of your favorite porn star:

Brent Corrigan

Pierre Fitch

Brent Everett

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