Dec 12, 2012
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A Dramatic Reenactment of Luke Allen’s First Time With Aiden Summers As The De-Flowerer

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Your can be magical, it can be scary, it can be a mix of both.  For the boys of Helix 8TeenBoy, it generally seems to be pretty fucking awesome.  This time, we get to relive Luke Allen’s first time.  He met the guy on MySpace and went over to his house.  They lay down on the guy’s (Aiden Summers) bed, make out a little, worship each other’s cocks, and then Aiden pops Luke’s ass cherry.  Luke says it “hurt so bad”, but from his cries of ecstasy, I think he meant that it hurt so good.  Aiden wears out Luke’s fresh hole in various positions until they both shoot hot sticky loads.

Walk down memory lane with Luke and others at Helix 8TeenBoy

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