Jun 20, 2010
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Shooting With Conner at BentleyRace

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I received this update from BentleyRace.com.

ConnerHabib One of the reasons I wanted to take my vacation this year in San Francisco was so I could have sex with Conner Habib.   I met him last year in California but my terrible cold at the time stopped me from having some fun with him.   So this year I was determined to get my cock in Conner’s mouth and taste that butt hole.   He met me in an old hotel in downtown San Francisco where I grabbed some photos of him posing in the hallways.   He was worried about getting busted outside the room so we then headed back to my room where we could strip off and really have some fun.   Conner told me to make him gag on my cock to make him cum and he shot such a massive load!    Afterwards he made his first scene in the old tub sitting in my bathroom.    Conner is such a sweet and sexy guy…  I can imagine that we would be best mates if I were living in the United States.

 ConnerHabib01 ConnerHabib04 ConnerHabib09 ConnerHabib14 ConnerHabib17 ConnerHabib19 ConnerHabib22 ConnerHabib25 ConnerHabib31 ConnerHabib34 ConnerHabib42 ConnerHabib45 ConnerHabib57 ConnerHabib61 ConnerHabib63 ConnerHabib68 ConnerHabib71 ConnerHabib73 ConnerHabib79 ConnerHabib80 ConnerHabib87 ConnerHabib89 ConnerHabibW02 ConnerHabibW05 ConnerHabibX01 ConnerHabibX02 ConnerHabibX03 ConnerHabibX04 ConnerHabibX05 ConnerHabibX06   ConnerHabibX09 ConnerHabibX10

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