May 2, 2010
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Let’s Haze Some Hot College Frat Boys –

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Here’s a new site for those who are into hot frat boy hazing… um yeah, that’s pretty much all of us!

hm-300x300-01The awesome thing about this site is that even if the videos and pictures are staged (hard to tell but maybe), they’re still actually doing it! A group of “straight” frat boys getting forced to do some crazy frat pledge initiation shit.

Is it just a setup for the cameras you ask? Well maybe, but these are still sucking dick, jacking off and getting fucked regardless… so that makes it all hot to me :) It’s really similar to but this one is all guys.

You can check it out at - hot frat boy initiation sex acts

check out for more pics and videos.


Frat Boy Hazing

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