Feb 26, 2009
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Why Bother Taking Off Your Underwear Before You Fuck?

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Well Roman and James don’t bother… they just slide their Calvin Klein briefs to the side and slip it on in. This is a hot little twink combo over at These boys like to do it all still in their underwear – kiss, lick, stroke, rub, suck, 69 and FUCK.

I’ve posted a preview clip as well but the original is over 20 minutes long.

You can check out these little Euro twinks at, but here are some pics. More pics and the sample video is after the jump link below.

undietwinks_RomanJames_54198 undietwinks_RomanJames_54199 undietwinks_RomanJames_54200 undietwinks_RomanJames_54201

undietwinks_RomanJames_54202 undietwinks_RomanJames_54203 undietwinks_RomanJames_54204 undietwinks_RomanJames_54205 undietwinks_RomanJames_54206 undietwinks_RomanJames_54208 undietwinks_RomanJames_54209 undietwinks_RomanJames_54210 undietwinks_RomanJames_54213 undietwinks_RomanJames_54214 undietwinks_RomanJames_54215 undietwinks_RomanJames_54216 undietwinks_RomanJames_54217 undietwinks_RomanJames_54218 undietwinks_RomanJames_54219 undietwinks_RomanJames_54220 undietwinks_RomanJames_54221 undietwinks_RomanJames_54222 undietwinks_RomanJames_54223 undietwinks_RomanJames_54224 undietwinks_RomanJames_54225 undietwinks_RomanJames_54226 undietwinks_RomanJames_54227

Visit for more.


Undie Twinks

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