Dec 3, 2012
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Sean Shows Off His Incredible Gifts

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I’ve obviously looked through a lot of pictures of guys throughout the years, but I can’t remember being absolutely captivated by a guy just by his pictures.  That is until now.  ActiveDuty has hit the jackpot with Sean here.  This guy is incredibly adorable!  As I was looking through his pics, I found myself getting lost in his eyes.  Seriously, look at them.  He’s obviously got plenty of assets, but those eyes are something special.  At any rate, Sean is 19, loves to stay active and play sports.  He was a gymnast in high school and says that he continues to be able to, “Bend my body in weird ways.”  After a Q & A session with Dink, Sean is left alone to get comfortable and get hard.  When we come back, he’s gotten his larger-than-expected cock hard as a rock.  Dink gets him to stroke his beautiful cock for a bit and then asks Sean to show us his incredible little .  He arches his back perfectly to show off his ass.  Sean claims that being in porn is a new experience for him since moving from Vermont to SoCal.  If that’s true, then he’s a natural and will hopefully have a robust and prolific career in pictures…dirty pictures!!

You can get lost in Sean’s beautiful brown eyes and enjoy his other features with the full video at

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Check out Sean’s full video and see other gorgeous guys at


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