Mar 3, 2016
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Twin Brothers Elek and Luca Shoot Together

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This is the latest from Bentleyrace. He recently met two gay twin on his European vacation and, well… I’ll let him describe what happened:

I want to introduce to the gay twin brothers I met last month during my European vacation. I met 22 year old Elek and Luca Barrell while I was spending a week in Budapest. I was surprised that the guys would be interested in doing some nude modeling and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Particularly since the guys didn’t speak much English. The shoot actually went very well, even with the communication issues. I could see that the guys weren’t about to get turned on by each other so I pulled out my own cock for them to play with. Elek went straight down on to it. It dawned on me that I have never had my cock sucked by two guys at the same time before, especially with the amount of videos I have made.  And now it’s funny that my first duo blow job gets delivered by two brothers.

It turned in to one very hot session with both Elek and Luca blowing their loads on me. What a nice way to end up our afternoon together in Budapest.




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4 years ago

Wow hot gays

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