Jun 9, 2008
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Cain – Dick Lickin at JizzAddiction.com

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Another release from the boys at JizzAddiction.com. Meet Cain.

From JizzAddiction:

We received an enthusiatic email from Cain the other day, he said that he had been
practicing hella hard to try a suck his own dick…and he was falling over himself because he could almost give himself head. Seems he’s been watching our boy Jeremiah lick his dick and he was VERY inspired to see if he could do it. Just before the video
he told us that he had swallowed a fair amount of his own cum while he practiced,
something his girlfriend won’t do it seems. So after A LOT of practice we get to watch
a straight thug get hard, lean over and really get off in a big way…of course all of that jizz is scooped up and swallowed! Seems like our boy Cain has developed a…ummm…jizz addiction!

More photos after the jump link below.

jizzaddiction_Cain_41372 jizzaddiction_Cain_41373 jizzaddiction_Cain_41375 jizzaddiction_Cain_41376

jizzaddiction_Cain_41377 jizzaddiction_Cain_41378 jizzaddiction_Cain_41379 jizzaddiction_Cain_41381 jizzaddiction_Cain_41382 jizzaddiction_Cain_41383 jizzaddiction_Cain_41384 jizzaddiction_Cain_41385 jizzaddiction_Cain_41386 jizzaddiction_Cain_41387 jizzaddiction_Cain_41388 jizzaddiction_Cain_41389

Check out Cain’s full video and photo gallery at JizzAddiction.com.


Jizz Addiction
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