Jul 8, 2008
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Brendan and Ayden at

Written by has been working on some great new content for their website. They have updated their tour and added some hot new boys. Jump over and checkout their new stuff –

Here is Brendan and Ayden having a little fun in their undies. If you’re into underwear… more specifically, boys cumming in their underwear, then you’ll love these new shots.

More pictures after the jump link below.

undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51057 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51075 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51080 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51084 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51088 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51112

undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51118 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51119 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51127 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51131 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51134 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51140 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51142 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51150 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51156 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51158 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51160 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51211 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51212 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51230 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51236 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51247 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51252 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51254 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51262 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51268 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51269 undietwinks_BrendanAyden_51280

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Undie Twinks

Comments to Brendan and Ayden at

  • Mmmmmm, I would love to be among these two guys in my briefs too. I love a guy in bulging underwear, and every time I look at these hot pics I always get a hard boner in my underwear. I also love that last shot!! Very sexy.

    James 02/04/2016 4:48 pm Reply
  • you are nice and youare doing a great job with your caress.Nice body to love and be love.

    Fernando 02/05/2012 6:21 am Reply
  • Wow. I’ve got to sign up for this site. It pushes all the turn-on buttons. Young guys, each bringing the other to climax and in briefs. That last shot with the boy just staring at us, with his partners cum running down his arm is a total knockout. Just incredibly sexy.

    Tom 01/26/2012 2:26 am Reply
    • I couldn’t agree more with you mate. Looking at all these two lads in their briefs really got me turned on. This site certainly has the WOW factor!! ;)
      I like these guys in their sexy briefs! :P

      James 09/28/2012 4:39 pm Reply

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