Jul 23, 2008
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Bobby Dean Shoots in His Own Mouth at

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bobbyDean_xpnk_150x200 Here’s the latest from

"He quickly flips around on the couch so his ass is in the air and his feet are dangling over his head. This aims his cock right at his mouth which is now wide open and waiting for a fresh mouthful of his own piping hot jizz. The dildo is still stuck in his ass and wiggling all about as his hand becomes a blur on his cock. A little whimper comes from his mouth as he opens his mouth wider in anticipation. Another whimper as he pushes his hips up so his cock is perfectly aimed."

More pics after the jump link below.

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image05 image06 image07 image08 image09 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15 image16

View the full video at


You Love Jack Boys

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